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NORA vom Slaney-Vale
VJP 66 HZP 182 VGP 300 Prize 1
Form 11   Hair 11
HD-A: OCD/ED Clear: vwd11 free  FF for furnishings
Nora was bred to  Volker 11 v.d.Jagdkonig
A beautiful litter of 12 puppies were born March 14:  8 males  4 females
In addition to being a wonderful hunting companion on land and in water, Nora has followed through with my planned approach for the mothers who take my line forward, to be Fully Tested in our multi purpose JGHV Testing system.  Nora's performance in her VGP was a thing of Proven beauty.  Her ability and need to understand and accept this level of training and then prove it to a highly competent Judge team in a totally unfamiliar setting,  was very gratifying.  It is one thing to believe ability is present,  it is an entirely different thing to prove it beyond doubt.   That is the true value of our wonderful  Complete Testing System.  In addition to her hunting abilities, Nora truly has a ranking of Prize 1 for temperament and character.

MISSION STATEMENT: Deutsch-Drahthaar Breeding,Testing,Training,Socializing,Caring and Ethical Hunting to a High Standard of Versatile Excellence and Breed Integrity.

I feed and highly recommend Purina ProPlan

A proud member of Verein Deutsch-Drahthaar Group Canada (VDD Group Canada)

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