Toske vom Oechtringer-Forst

Life and times of Toske vom Oechtringer-Forst(aka Toska): From Housebreaking to the VGP: Toska came to us as an 8 week old puppy from Claus Wilhelm Wolle's highly respected v. Oechtringer-Forst breeding program in Germany: She is an outstanding individual: Always happy: Superb Character. Finished her VJP with 72: HZP with 175: VGP Prize 1 (TF)293Points: Breed show with SG/SG 9/10 ZR#249/07: 62/62:HD Free(A): vWD Clear (by DNA): Toska is an individual that lives to please: Always cooperative: There is never a doubt that when she is in the field, she's there as a team member. Toska's puppies have exhibited all the same talent and good attitude that she possesses:   her daughter Heather vom Slaney-Vale is a carbon copy of her mother.  

After a Goose Hunt: Erna and Toska