Breeding Decisions A-Z

Author:  Hugh Slaney     vom Slaney-Vale

Breeding   Decisions A  -  Z .


To have the privilege of ever getting to a “Z” litter,  a DD Club member must have the opportunity to Plan and execute an “A” litter.

It is every members’ right to make that plan and he/she should be supported for taking the correctly directed initiative.

One must then ask-   Why does a club member breed a litter?

 If the answer is not “To further the versatile cause, maintenance  and betterment of the Breed”,  or at least something reasonably close to that,  then most likely the reason is off track in a major  way.

Reasons like:  To get the money back which I spent on my female: or, for the health and fulfillment of my female: or,  so my children can witness the miracle of birth: or, to cash in on breed popularity:  or other such related reasons,  are no reasons at all to carry out a breeding.

 Breeding a litter of puppies , is a very serious decision.  All of us as members of our club are the ones who carry the Breed Banner in our country.  Our breeding decisions will carry on into future generations.  Just because a DD is a DD, does not mean a litter of superstars will be created from a random breeding of lines or individuals.  All bloodline crosses do not work well:  some work better than others, while some click really well.

Every member reserves the right, and deserves that right to pursue a breeding program, as that is the freedom of choice written into our constitution,  but it should be carried out in a visionary and goal oriented manner.

A good dog bred to a good dog,  does not guarantee a good litter of puppies.  Breeding combinations are made on recognizing weaknesses and strengths of lines and individuals within the line.  Score research tells performance facts but it must be remembered that not a dog on this earth can “reproduce its training”:   further dedicated and in-depth research is needed to reveal character type,  health facts,  teeth disorders, nervous disorders etc.

Breeding goals need to go way beyond that one mating and they “must” have the betterment of the breed in mind.

Extreme responsibility to the puppies produced is of equal importance,  but a separate subject unto itself.

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