Les Wynn:
Lookin' Good!! George Patsicakis:
Congratulations on your new website,Hugh!
I'm sure it will be viewed a lot. Ken:
Hugh good to see that you have your site up.... great job. Andrea Heutger:
great Website Faith:
Great photos, Hugh! Ron LeBlanc:
Great Website Hugh & congratulations on your new litter,fine looking Drahthaar puppies. Good luck in your many endeavors Larry Reeves:
welcome neigbhor Fraser Sherrard:
Mr. Slaney provided most impressive written and verbal coaching, both before and after pup's arrival. I cannot imagine a breeder giving more of himself to the success of the DD than Hugh.  His  patience and care for the success of both pup and new owner is remarkable. Post Not Active Ken:
Very nice website and exciting looking dogs Steve & Brenda Adams:
marking our spot on the map chris:
hoping in the next few years to import dd to aust. Randy Ott:
Great web-site, it was a pleasure testing with you last fall in Illinois and learning your dog training philosophy. donna:
what a lovely web page you have, very nice. will sure return. Mark and  Rita:
Way to go Dave! for bringing Bride to a fantastic score in the VJP. Bride was my wife's 2nd favorite of the B litter, and was keenly watched from birth. She has grown into a fine looking dog. No, I'm not at all jealous, for we received Bernice of the same litter. She just scored a 71 VJP in SD last week. Intelligence and drive must run in the family! Mark Byron Fraser:
Great Dogs. Mark:
Always checking your site, enjoy seeing your dogs.  I have a 9 yr old DD Baron vom Nordweg.  Will be in contact when we are looking for another dog. Mickey:
Great site , really liked your views on / in  ' old  dogs ' Mario Casasola:
Scott Smithers:
My family and I were lucky enuff to receive an E- litter puppy from Hugh. She (Elaine VSV - call name Gertie, has since become the apple of my wife's eye, my two small children's beared best friend and a source of great pride for me personally. Her training continues to progress well and she will run her Natural Ability Test later this summer under the the NAVHDA system. She possess' an excellent nose for birds and has been perhaps the easiest and most willing dog I have ever trained. Contrary to all of the stories of sharp tempered and aggressive DD out there, Gertie is almost certainly the most mild maannered and gentle dog I have ever had the pleasure of being around! 
I can't say enuff good things about Hugh and his dogs. Having never owned a versatile breed prior to Gertie I did all kinds of research to ensure I was purchasing a dog that in time would be both a good hunter and loving addtion to my household. I am very happy and Greatful to have found Hugh and Vom Slaney Vale Kenn Wesley Thebeau:
I am the happy owner of Greg vom Slaney Vale, this entire experience has been amazing! Hugh & his breeding program are first class all the way, his knowledge & willingness to help you can't be beat! Greg is an incredible dog, very well bred! Post Not Active Richard:
This is a great website. What a tribute to your efforts and love through the years. Gene:
Great website, Goos articles, I like your philosophy! Post Not Active Post Not Active
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