Frida vom Erthal

Life and times of Frida vom Erthal (aka Erna): Her development from Puppy to present: She came to us from Germany as a small puppy, from the kindness and Kennel of Dr. Christhof Kuhnlein (v. Erthal):  I am grateful to Christhof  for permitting me to dip into this wonderful and important first beginnings of the Erthal line:  equally I am grateful to the Late Hans Hofstetter for explaining to me all the generational aspects of the lines and planning which went into this breeding vision:  and also, finally to Thomas Unholzer,  who provided significant bloodline direction in the beginning:   Erna was a marvellous Drahthaar Versatile Hunting Dog: VJP 62, HZP 188, HN, HD Free, vWD Free (by DNA) Breed show evaluation at 11/11 Form and Hair:ZR# 225/06. Erna had a flawless temperament combined with perfect health. Her desire to hunt knew no limit. Her attitude with other dogs was always in order. Her love for people was evident in every meeting. She definitely put her stamp on her puppies. She made her Breed contributions through some very fine puppies,  when selectively bred to different sires: She was retired from breeding at age 7. I am fortunate to have a first generation (Des vom Slaney-Vale), second generation (Heather vom Slaney-Vale) and third generation (Nora vom Slaney-Vale) from this wonderful Deutsch Drahthaar.  Erna started her home life with me and my family as a puppy and without question became the adult I hoped she would be:  she had a great life:  travelled a lot,  hunted a lot,  and loved all the family with every ounce of affection she had:  when anyone looked at Erna in passing,  for sure,  they felt the need to take a second look as she was an eye catcher:   She passed away after a short illness,  due to natural causes,  on Nov 4 2017:  a sad day for me and my family:  she will always be missed immensely by all of us:  She lived her life well here on Earth and left behind a legacy to be proud of.  Rest in Peace my dear old girl.

Frida vom Erthal 
Puppy days 
Erna's puppy head type 
Erna in dream land 
At the beach 
Team Slaney Bonding 
Old friends 
Puppy water retrieve 
Puppy retrieve 
4 Months Old 
5 Months Old 
6 Months Old 
7 Months old 
With our Grand son Kendal 
Relaxing with us at BBQ time 
At Home: Always respectful: Always with us 
With us for every occasion 
VJP Day 
HZP Drag Training: the quick retrieve 
HZP Drag Training: Deep Nose 
Duck Retrieve 
Fox Work 
Always mannerly on her retrieves 
Duck Delivery 
Rabbit delivery 
Small game delivery: Snipe 
Large Game Delivery: Canada Goose 
Greeting visitors 
Hotel Manners 
Adult Head Type 
Adult body style 
Breed Show: 11/11 Form and Hair: Senior Judge Mr. Roger Green 
Nick vom Oechtringer Forst: Erna's sire 
Aike vom Erthal: Erna's mother 
Olf di Costa Rubea: Erna's paternal Grand sire 
Nestor vom Ostfriesenhof: Erna's paternal great grand sire 
Dux vom Kossautal: Erna's maternal great grand sire 
Erna with her puppies at 5 days old: they were born May 21, 2009 
Start of the blood track 
Erna HZP Gunshot sensitivity 
Erna demonstrating an intense point in the down position 
Erna during one of our Grouse Hunts in Manitoba 
Erna delivering an 8 lb Canada Goose Nov 2009 
December 2009 
Erna on a solid point Oct 18 2011 5 years old 
Frida vom Erthal 2011 Hunting Season 
Frida v. Erthal 6 years old 
Frida v. Erthal 1 now 6 years old 
Erna Dec 2012 6.5 years old and still looking as beautiful as ever 
G litter: Sired by Achan vom Hardwire 
G1 Litter at 10 days old 
G2 George decided he would take a nap in Mom's food dish 
G3 A superb quality puppy from the G litter 
G4 Erna being her wonderful motherly self. 
G5 A superb puppy 
G6 An exceptional G litter puppy 
G7 The noble look of a well bred puppy from vom Slaney-Vale's genetic choices 
G8 Socializing vom Slaney-Vale puppies 
G9 Puppies are developing beautifully 
G10 A Handsome young fellow at 5 weeks old 
G11 A very fine 6week old male from G litter 
G12 Gus vom Slaney-Vale 
G12 Greg vom Slaney-Vale at 9 weeks old 
G12 Gus vom Slaney-Vale Socializing at his home in Maine 
G13 George New Brunswick hunting 2013 5 months old 
G14 Greg vom Slaney-Vale Grouse Point 7 months old New Brunswick 
G15 Greg vom Slaney-Vale 
G12A Greg vom Slaney-Vale 13 Months old He tracked this wounded bear for 200M 
Erna in her 10th Year of life 
Erna in her 12th year of life