Toske vom Oechtringer-Forst

Life and times of Toske vom Oechtringer-Forst(aka Toska): From Housebreaking to the VGP: Toska came to us as an 8 week old puppy from Claus Wilhelm Wolle's highly respected v. Oechtringer-Forst breeding program in Germany: Claus chose her for me and for that I am forever grateful to him and his wonderful breeding efforts.   Toska is an outstanding individual: Always happy: Superb Character. Finished her VJP with 72: HZP with 175: VGP Prize 1 (TF)293Points: Breed show with SG/SG 9/10 ZR#249/07: 62/62:HD Free(A): vWD Clear (by DNA): Toska is an individual that lives to please: Always cooperative: There is never a doubt that when she is in the field, she's there as a team member. Toska's puppies have exhibited all the same talent and good attitude that she possesses:  When bred to  the son of Frida v. Erthal (Erna),  Des vom Slaney-Vale,  she produced wonderful family Drahthaars.  From that combination,  I chose Heather vom Slaney-Vale,  who has proven to be everything I could have hoped for and more:  When Heather was bred to Rex vom Fuchsberg, owned by my dear friend Ken Dinn,  for the N litter,  I kept Nora vom Slaney-Vale,  and Nora is proving to be every bit the quality of individual that is her mom Heather,  Her Grandmother Toska,  Her Grandfather Des,  and her great grandmother Erna,    
Two others of Toska's direct puppies,  Esther vom Slaney-Vale owned by my dear friend Blaine Eickelschulte (vom Ike) and Kris vom Slaney-Vale,   owned by Dr. Tim Zoellner,  SD,   are certified for breeding, and are forming the basis of other Breeding lines.  Her grand daughter Nella (Nora's sister) owned by Andrea Clarke, has also been certified for breeding.
Without question,  Toska is the type of individual,   that when on a pedigree as part of a line,  a breeder can be absolutely certain,  that strong genetics of Health,  temperament and versatile ability have been significantly contributed
Toska is now 13years old and still living a very healthy and active life: continuing to bring joy to her self, to her daughter Heather, to her grand daughter Nora, and to me and my family every day.  I've loved her from the first day I laid eyes on her and she licked my face, and that has never changed.

Toske vom Oechtringer-Forst 
Our first day together: her arrival from Germany 
Her first water introduction 
First water retrieve 
Look what I found my dear friend 
My puppy profile 
Learning to jump old farm fences 
Puppy retrieve enthusiasm: cooperative from the beginning 
Nap time for a sleepy Toska 
Puppy enthusiasm delivering quail 
The patient Baby Sitter 
Puppy enthusiasm with Rabbit Fur 
At the beach on the Southern Shore of Newfoundland 
Forest obedience: practicing my down 
VJP Track release: she loves to track 
Rest time for man and puppy 
Pheasant delivery: one year old 
Retrieving Sharptail: 1 year old 
Natural manners on game delivery: Sharptail 
Duck Retrieve 
Receiving Toska's VJP score and certificate of completion from the Judge Team 
After a Goose Hunt: Erna and Toska 
HZP Duck Retrieve of Duck 
First puppy point on Ptarmigan: South coast of Newfoundland 
Toska's breed show in Eau Claire, WI: Height measurement 
Receiving her breed show evaluation/certification from Judge Jim Wion 
Scheich vom Ostetal: Toska's sire 
Romy v. Ostetal: Toska's Paternal Grand Mother 
Birko v. Kronwittberg: Toska's Paternal Grand Sire 
Erle and Centa v.d. Wupperaue: Toska's Great and Great Great Maternal Grandmothers 
Karlo vom Landhagen: Toska's maternal Great Grand sire 
Luchs v.d. Wupperaue: Toska's maternal Grand Sire 
Nick vom Isendorf: Toska's maternal Great Great Grand Sire 
Olf di Costa Rubea: Toska's Paternal Great Grand Sire 
Toska at 18 months old 
Alma vom Erthal: Toska's maternal Grand Mother 
Impeccable manners on her water retrieves. 
Toska showing her beautiful down on flush. 
Toska making a nice retrieve on a pheasant, after solid point 
Retrieving a Teal Oct 2009 
Toska and Jillian at Halloween 2009 
Toska with Hugh and Judges: Rich Runge Ron Fry Tom Whitmarsh and Senior Judge Rob Engleking, at the Completion of her VGP Blood Track: She was awarded a Prize 1 : Illinois Sept 25 26 2010 
Hugh and Toska Completion of VGP Prize 1 293 Points 
Toska, Erna and Alice relaxing at home 
Toska, winter jack rabbit hunting Nov 2010 
Toska Rabbit tracking 
Toske vom Oechtringer-Forst at 5 yrs old. An absolutely wonderful Drahthaar 
Toske vom Oechtringer-Forst A truly beautiful and kind Drahthaar 
Toske vom Oechtringer-Forst Her litter H, sired by Des vom Slaney-Vale: absolutely beautiful puppies 
H Litter at 4 days old 
H1 A superb female from Toska's H litter 
H2 4 weeks old Lots of Genetic potential in this H litter puppy 
H3 Helen doing what comes so naturally to her 
H3 Three H litter puppies displaying nice form and intensity 
H4 Hyacinth doing what comes naturally at 6 weeks old 
H5 Hilda vom Slaney-Vale displaying her natural love of game at 7 weeks old 
H6 Hilda vom Slaney-Vale showing her natural love of fur 
H7 Heather vom Slaney-Vale 9 weeks old Natural water love 
H7 Heather vom Slaney's continued development 
H8 Heather vom Slaney-Vale 10 weeks old 
H9 Heather absorbing her tracking lessons 9 weeks old 
H10 Heather displaying a deep nose during her tracking lessons 
H11 Heather getting closer to the "big swim" 
H12 Heather 12 weeks old Natural water love continues 
H13 Heather 4 months old 
H14 Heather at 4 1/2 months old continuing her gentle hunt development learning about Ducks and blinds 
Toska and Kendal Time for a photo during our grouse hunt Oct 2013 
Heather & Hugh Jackrabbit hunting 
H15 Herb vom Slaney-Vale and his family at Christmastime 2013 
H16 Hannah vom Slaney-Vale and her dear family Saskatchewan 2013 
H17 Heather 
H18 Jillian practicing Down command "Home Obedience with Heather" 
H2 Beautiful style combined with outstanding personalities in this well planned H litter 
H17A Heather vom Slaney-Vale now 8 months old 
Heather 17B Pointing prairie chickens on a bitterly cold, windy and snowy Manitoba morning in January 2014 
Heather 17D 9 months old 
Heather 17E 11 months old Pheasant Retrieve 
Toska delivering Kendal's first woodcock Sept 2014 
Heather 17F 17 months old: Retrieving a Ruffed Grouse while Hunting in Manitoba Oce 2014 
Heather 17G Oct 2014 Beautiful point and relocation on this great Sharptail wingshot by Kendal 
Heather 17H Summer 2014 
Heather vom Slaney-Vale March 2015 
H4A Hyacinth as an adult showing her natural born kindness 
Heather 17I April 2015 
K litter male puppy 
K litter ongoing socializing 
Heather vom Slaney-Vale Sept 2015 Sharptail hunting 
Heather 172 Oct 2016 
Toska's Son Kevin vom Slaney-Vale 
Toska now in her 11th year of life: Still doing what she loves 
Eleventh year of life: Toska still doing what she loves