Special Events

These photos are of special times with Drahthaar Friends, family, and also special involvements within the VDD Organization.

Ontario VJP Judge/Apprenticing: Myself, Marty Ryan, Al Davis, Bill English 
Completion of VGP: Prize 1, 312 Points: from left to right: myself with Janka: Ron Nichols: Hans Goderbauer: Larry Friedman: Larry Reeves: and Ken Dinn with Debbi 
Visiting with my friend Hans Keuper in the Netherlands: : left to right: Long time Breeder Cees Melsen, Hans, myself 
Checking Teeth at the 2009 VJP in Ontario 
2009 Ontario VJP Judge team: from left to right: myself, Andrea Heutger, Al Davis, George Boyd, Ken Dinn, Adam Pethick 
Gary and Sandy Hodsons' June 2009 visit: Pascha 111 v.d. Wupperaue proudly standing in front. 
Alice vom Slaney-Vale Breed Show Eau Claire WI From left to right: Judges Mike Talbot, Ron Nichols Breeder/owner/handler Hugh Slaney Judge Blaine Eickelschulte 
Toska, Erna and Alice watching the children running to catch the school bus 
Alice, Erna and Toska seeing the children off on the last day of the school year 
Toska, Erna and Alice patiently waiting for the morning workout 
Alice vom Slaney-Vale: Prize 1 VGP 291 Points: Eau Claire, Wisconsin. From left to right: Judges Kurt Haroldsen, Peter Eldredge, Hugh and Alice, Senior Judge Dave Swanson, Apprentices Betty Schmidt and Cortney Schaffer 
Senior Judge at the 2012 Armbruster, Water Group 2, in Watertown SD. Wonderful handlers, Great Drahthaars, superb organization by Gene and Lona Kluck, and test Coordinator Chris Schmidt. 
Senior Judge Field Group 2 at the 2013 Armbruster in Demopolis, Alabama. Fred Turjan(Handler), Mike Schell (Handler), Hugh Slaney (Judge), Ana Barrios Sosa (Judge), Andreas Grauer(Judge), Joe Henson (Handler), Ron Fry (Handler) 
Hunting with my Grandson Kendal 2013 
Hunting Sept 2014 
Kendal and Toska: 2014: The happy hunter 
vom Slaney-Vale DD Duck Watch