A Litter

A litter vom Slaney-Vale: Frida v Erthal X Pascha 111 v.d. Wupperaue: Born May 21, 2009: Healthy, vigorous, and meticulously developed puppies. All placed in loving, versatile oriented homes. Alice is staying with me and will form an important part of my breeding program. At the Eau Claire WI breed show on Feb 20 2010 Alice was evaluated at 12/11 F/H. She has done extremely well at her VJP and HZP and on Oct 7/8 2011 she completed her VGP at Eau Claire WI with a Prize 1 291 points. Her temperament and health are impeccable. Also at the same Breed Show, Albert vom Slaney-Vale was evaluated at 10/11 F/H. "A" litter puppies reside in Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Alberta, and Michigan

A Litter vom Slaney-Vale: Frida vom Erthal X Pascha 111 v.d. Wupperaue: Born May 21, 2009. Healthy vigorous puppies: 
New Born 
First day of Life 
Erna: Caring mother 
6 Days old 
One week old and double their birth weight 
Two weeks old 
Bonding with Kendal and Jillian 
Jillian with one of her favourites 
Male Puppy at 5 weeks old 
Alex: vom Slaney-Vale VJP a dream at 5 weeks old 
The litter at play in the great outdoors 
Alice pointing at 6 weeks old 
Albert showing his style 
Anita showing beauty and grace on point at 6 weeks 
Agatha the strong and energetic young lady at 6 weeks 
Alex and Alfred teaching each other leash manners 
Arcule contented with his little collar and lead at 6 weeks old 
Alice quite contented in the travel crate at 6 weeks old 
Albert responding to "Come" with enthusiasm. 
Agatha pointing Sunday July 5 
Agatha learning about water and reeds July 5 
Albert and Andrew enjoying water and reeds on a hot sunday in July at the tender age of 6 weeks and 3 days. 
6 week old puppies and Children: A good match 
Alice and Kendal enjoying each other on a wonderful sunday afternoon July 5 
Predatorial drive at 6.5 weeks old 
No fear of Coyote at 6.5 weeks 
Play time digging a tunnel 
Albert vom Slaney-Vale retrieving at 6.5 weeks old 
This is my Rabbit 
Alex and Alice both trying to get a sharptail retrieve underway 
Agatha vom Slaney-Vale casually contented during her water lessons 
Kendal joining in with the pups water awareness at 7 weeks old 
Anita vom Slaney-Vale a beautiful point at 7 weeks old 
Andrew vom Slaney-Vale a wonderful puppy, pointing intensely 
Albert vom Slaney-Vale 2 months old 
Anita and Agatha 
Albert Always quick to show his love of water. What a very fine puppy he is. 
Agatha starting her Track 9 weeks old 
Agatha working her track 9 weeks old 
Alex practicing his leash walking at 8 weeks old 
Alex practicing his Expertise on the stairs 
Alex practicing showing comfort in his travel crate before his big day when he goes to his new home 
Jillian and Kendal still in love with the pups at 8 weeks old 
Albert in his new and loving home in New Brunswick 
Anita arriving at her new home in Port Elgin Ontario 
10 week old A litter at his home in New Brunswick showing his potential to a very happy new home. 
Alex 10 weeks old at his new home in Ontario: showing his strong use of nose on scent, as usual. 
Agatha with her happy new friend in Edmonton 
Arcule with his new family in Calgary 
Alex with his new friend in Ontario 
Albert growing up so handsomely in New Brunswick 
Alex continuing his tracking lessons at his new home: note his beautiful form and deep nose: 12 weeks old 
Andrew at 12 weeks old enjoying his new home in Michigan 
Albert vom Slaney-Vale acting like a fish at just over 12 weeks old 
Albert at 13 weeks old showing a beautiful deep nose during his blood tracking lessons. 
Albert vom Slaney Vale showing beautiful tracking form at 15 weeks old: sharp nose, super disposition, this is one very fine puppy. 
Albert vom Slaney Vale showing his natural point at 16 weeks old 
Arcule 4.5 months old at his home in Alberta 
Alex at 5 months old: a handsome young lad. 
Albert in New Brunswick hunting with his friend 
Albert in the Woodcock and Grouse woods of New Brunswick 
Albert vom Slaney-Vale 5 months old 
Alex at 6 months old 
Anita vom Slaney-Vale 6 months old at home in Ontario 
Albert vom Slaney-Vale completing a very determined 250m blood track at 6 months old 
Agatha picking apples in her backyard in Edmonton 6 months old 
Erna's puppy showing nobility at 7 months old 
Albert vom Slaney-Vale 7.5 months old 
Albert at home in the snow 
Alice vom Slaney-Vale at 7 months old 
Alice back home in Slaney-Vale 
Alice at 8 months old with our Granddaughter Jillian 
Toska, Erna and Alice: always so pleasant 
Albert vom Slaney-Vale 9 months old 
Alice quite contented in the travel crate at 9 months old: early conditioning is so important 
Arcule at home with his family in Calgary 10 months old 
Albert vom Slaney-Vale 10 months old 
Alice vom Slaney-Vale at 10 months old 
Alex vom Slaney-Vale VJP a reality at 1 year old. 
Alice Feathered Game Retrieve at her HZP in Watertown South Dakota 
Alice vom Slaney-Vale 16 months old Pheasant Retrieve 
Alice vom Slaney-Vale Fox Retrieve 16 months old 
Alice Beautiful Ruffed Grouse retrieve after an excellent mannerly point 
Alice showing her Pointing Style October 2010 
Alice vom Slaney-Vale Oct 29 2010 17 months old 
Alice 18 months old Duck Hunting 
Alice vom Slaney-Vale 18 months old 
Agatha vom Slaney-Vale and her proud owner 
Anita goose hunting Ontario Nov 2010 
Albert vom Slaney-Vale: Success after a suberb track: New Brunswick 
Alice Dec 2010 
Alice vom Slaney-Vale delivering a 10.5 lb. Jackrabbit after a great tracking effort Dec 2010 
Alice: fine tracker: superb retriever: strong pointer 
Alice vom Slaney-Vale at 20 months old 
Alice Dec 2010 
Alice Feb 2011 
Alice March 2011 
Alice vom Slaney-Vale at 5 weeks old 
Alice 2 years old V/Sg 12/11 
Alice vom Slaney-Vale 2 yrs old 
Alice: summer 2011 
Alice and I at the end of her VGP Blood Track: She was awarded a Prize 1 291 points 
Alice vom Slaney-Vale Start of her Duck Search in her Prize 1 VGP at Eau Claire Wisconsin Oct 2011 
Alice returning with the Duck from her VGP Blind retrieve 
Alice vom Slaney-Vale 12/11 Form/Hair VGP 66 HZP 168 VGP Prize 1 291 Points TF HD Free (A) OCD Free vWD11 Free by DNA A Truly Versatile young Drahthaar 
Alice vom Slaney-Vale delivering a 9 lb Jackrabbit after some beautiful search, track and steadiness Oct 2011 
Arcule vom Slaney-Vale Happy, Handsome, Talented and loved at his home in Alberta 
Agatha vom Slaney-Vale 3 years old, Training day with her proud owner in Alberta 
Albert vom Slaney-Vale Another successful blood track on wounded deer Nov 2012 
Albert vom Slaney-Vale A beautiful grouse retrieve after a super search and outstanding pointing Nov 2012 
Alfred vom Slaney-Vale 2014