E Litter

E litter was Born May 21, 2012.  Beautiful, solid, healthy:  talent showed at a very early age:  coats all look in tune with breed standards:  bites all look good: very outgoing litter:  extremely kind natured,  definitely showing the influence of their mother Toska,  who without question,  is one of the very best natured dogs of any breed that I have ever had the pleasure of keeping company with.  At 5+ years of age,  this full litter has met with outstanding owner satisfaction:   All are healthy,  have very nice temperaments and hunting ability of a caliber to suit each owners expectations. 

DAM: Toske vom Oechtringer-Forst (aka Toska) VJP 72 HZP 175 VGP 293 Prize 1 DGStB-Nr:-61467 ZR#249/07 SG/SG 9/10 62/62 HD Free vWD11 Free by DNA 
SIRE: Feuer vom Bandorfer-Forst ZB-Nr 204504 Colour Brsch DGSTB-Nr 61465 ZR-Nr 409/07 Form V (12) Hair SG (11) Height 65 cm Length 66 cm VJP 70 HZP 184 VGP Prz 1/308/TF 
01 " E litter "on the first day of life 
02 Day one for this wonderful puppy on God's Green Earth 
03 Day three of life for these super fine puppies 
04 Day four: Sanitation and cleanliness is so important for them 
05 Day Four: Quality puppies like these, takes planning and good Breeding Practices 
06 Eva at one week old: Siesta after lunch 
07 Elaine at one week old: When will mom be back with my lunch? 
08 Eric and Edmund at eight days old, resting and bonding with full bellies 
09 Edward eight days old 
10 Edith nine days old 
11 My wonderful "Puppy Helper": Turning on the Love for her little Drahthaar friends 
12 Jillian and Kendal on Socializing duties: No shortage of love for the E litter puppies 
13 Taking up a lot more space now at 18 days old 
14 Eighteen days old and finally a photo with somebody's eyes open 
15 Momma giving her usual beautiful care to the guys, now just one day shy of 3 weeks old 
16 Hey, I did other fun things before the family came along you know. 
17 Three weeks and two days old. This pup decided that her mom needed to feel some puppy love. 
18 Three weeks and 4 days old: confidently enjoying the outdoors and sunshine 
19 E litter puppy clearly exhibiting the Quality of Planned Breeding 
20 One month old on this day: Getting ready to venture outside 
21 One month old: It's beautiful out here 
22 One month old: Did I smell something with feathers out here 
23 Socializing continuing: these puppies are "really forward" and there's lots of love to keep them moving forward 
24 June 20 2012 This super fine female puppy enjoying the sunshine: looking and acting confident 
25 June 21 2012: Enjoying a good meal in Beautiful Manitoba fresh air: Healthy: vigorous: outgoing: Excellent puppies 
26 Taking an early Friday morning look at the world 
27 A highly observant E litter puppy: 
28 Showing beautiful form at this early age. 
29 So beautiful. 4 weeks and 4 days old 
30 Wishing Good Morning to all 
31 A truly wonderful puppy 
32 The early look of beauty and confidence 
33 Sister, Sister, WAKE UP, our friend needs the pan for our lunch. 
34 These wonderful puppies are so friendly. Good genetics and ongoing Socializing 
35 Five weeks old on this date: the versatile genes are surfacing 
36 Five weeks old today June 25 2012 
37 The innocent eyes of a wonderful 5 week old DD puppy 
38 Eric, A Good Looking puppy: Noble and proud 
39 5 weeks old: Lots of kindness in these eyes 
40 Heading toward 6 weeks old and looking better every day 
41 At 5 weeks 3 days old, this pup is typical of this entire E litter 
42 A truly handsome young lad 
43 One day shy of 6 weeks old 
44 Six weeks old today July 2. This puppy showing clearly what comes to her "naturally" 
45 At 6 weeks old, this young lady is loving her life 
46 Elizabeth: This young lady is showing her beauty. 
47 This handsome boy is a very gifted fellow. 
48 Loving life on June 5 2012: soon be 7 weeks old 
49 The talented gentlemen 
50 The eyes of innocence and beauty 
51 Elizabeth: Reach and beautiful backline, all in tune 
51 That puppy look of concentration. 2 days shy of 7 weeks old. 
52 Hmmm!! What was that 
53 Not yet 7 weeks old, but this young lady did not let youth get in the way of her natural retrieve talents and desires 
54 Seven weeks old today July 9: not wanting to be outdone, this young girl shows her rabbit retrieving skills 
55 That beautiful look of concentration, easily seen in the style of this great young female. 7 weeks old. 
56 Eleanor: a very gifted puppy 
57 Elizabeth vom Slaney-Vale:beauty and talent 
58 Group effort 
59 Elizabeth, Eleanor and Eric: Group focus and genetic point development 
60 Eleanor vom Slaney-Vale Always using her talents 
61 Eleanor vom Slaney-Vale: Beauty, Style, Character and Talent 
62 I am on guard Brothers and Sisters: Sleep safely 
63 Elizabeth at 10 weeks old: showing all the marks of a fine Drahthaar 
64 Elizabeth relaxing here at home with me 
65 Elizabeth 4 months old Showing her beauty and genetic talent 
66 Elizabeth 4 months old Pointing intensity 
67 Elizabeth 4 months old The need to Carry and retrieve 
70 Esther vom Slaney-Vale at her home in Iowa 5 months old 
71 Emma vom Slaney-Vale at her home in Quebec 2012 
72 Esther vom Slaney-Vale at 8 months old. A truly superb young female 
38-1 Eric at 9 months old 
73 Esther vom Slaney-Vale with her friend Blaine: VJP 71 Janesville MN 
74 Elaine vom Slaney-Vale Sept 2013 Prize 1 NA NAVHDA 
75 Esther vom Slaney-Vale Pointing Pheasant South Dakota 2014 
Esther vom Slaney-Vale 
Esther vom Slaney-Vale