Alice vom Slaney-Vale

Life and times of Alice vom Slaney-Vale. At 2:55 p.m. on May 21, 2009 she entered this world: during the litter observation notes, many times I used the word "cooperation". Perfection of Temperament truly describes Alice best. I've said many times that to be in the field with Alice is like being there with a true partner. She was a pleasure to train for the testing programs. Her VJP in Edmonton during cold stormy weather: Her HZP in Watertown S.D.: Her VGP in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Varied test grounds were no problem for her talents. VJP 66 HZP 168 VGP 291 Prize 1 Form V (12) Hair SG (11) HD free (A) OCD free vWD11 free. One of her sons, sired by Feuer vom Bandorfer-Forst,   Francis vom Slaney-Vale is certified for breeding and lives in Florida.  Her youngest son,  Mike vom Slaney-Vale,  sired by Yukon vom Kattehsohl,  lives with me,  and can be seen on this website.

Alice vom Slaney-Vale 
Alice 01 First day of life 
Alice 02 One week old 
Alice 03 Socializing with Jillian at 3 weeks old 
Alice 04 One year later 
Alice 05 Socializing with Kendal 
Alice 06 Kendal VGP Water Training with Grandpa and Alice 
Alice 07 Pointing at 6 weeks old 
Alice 08 Pointing at 2 years old 
Alice 09 Feathered intro at 6 weeks 
Alice 10 First Ruffed Grouse retrieve Lake Francis 
Alice 11 Pheasant retrieve 
Alice 12 Rabbit intro at 6 weeks 
Alice 13 Jackrabbit retrieve at 1 year old 
Alice 14 Team Slaney Cooperating with Great Jackrabbit work 
Alice 15 Jackrabbit retrieve 2 years old 
Alice 16 Head type 7 weeks old 
Alice 17 Head type 2 yrs old 
Alice 18 Fox intro 6 weeks old 
Alice 19 Retrieve of 10.5 lb Fox VGP training 
Alice 20 Right side puppy profile 
Alice 21 Right side adult profile 
Alice 22 Left side puppy profile 
Alice 23 Left side adult profile 
Alice 24 VJP Test day Edmonton Alberta 
Alice 25 HZP Test day Watertown South Dakota 
Alice 26 Obedience training 
Alice 27 Steadiness training 
Alice 28 Water search training 
Alice 29 Breed Show Eau Claire WI 
Alice 30 Breed Show with Judge Team 
Alice 31 VGP Fox retrieve 
Alice 32 VGP Blind retrieve Send 
Alice 33 VGP Blind retrieve Return 
Alice 34 VGP Blind retrieve Delivery 
Alice 35 VGP Blood track completion 
Alice 36 VGP Prize 1 Presentation 
Alice 37 VGP Celebrating Prize 1 with Judge Team 
Alice 23A Left side adult profile Jan 3 2012 
Alice 38 Jan 5 2012 
Alice 39 Jan 5 2012 
Alice 40 Showing her beautiful reach, movement and top line 
Alice 41 with her mom Erna (Frida vom Erthal) 
Alice 42 This is Francis vom Slaney-Vale, born Oct 19 2012: This is Alice's first puppy "F" Litter 
Alice 43 Francis vom Slaney-Vale at 3 weeks old 
Alice 44 Francis vom Slaney-Vale playing in the snow Dec 1 2012 
Alice 45 Francis vom Slaney-Vale 6 weeks old Looking good and getting the feel of Manitoba snow 
Alice 46 Francis vom Slaney-Vale Quail retrieve in the snow 6 weeks old 
Alice 47 Francis showing enthusiasm for his first Fur retrieve at 6 weeks old 
Alice 48 Francis showing his beautiful expression at just past 6 weeks old 
Alice 49 Francis at 7 weeks old 
Alice 50 Francis at 7 weeks old showing that determined expression 
Alice 51 Jan 21 2013 
Alice 52 August 2013 
Duck Watch 
Alice 53 Great duck retrieve while hunting Delta Marsh Oct 2013 
Alice 54 Kendal and Alice Hunting Manitoba Waterfowl 2013 
Alice completing a duck retrieve. Delta marsh: Fall 2013 
Hugh and Alice Blood tracking 
Francis vom Slaney-Vale Wild boar hunting in Florida 
Joseph vom Slaney-Vale 
Alice 55 J litter continued socialization 
Alice 56 Joseph vom Slaney-Vale 
Alice 57 Jane vom Slaney-Vale 
Alice 58 Jillian vom Slaney-Vale 
Alice 59 Joseph vom Slaney-Vale 
Alice 60 Jillian vom Slaney-Vale retrieving a quail at 5 weeks old 
Alice 60 The morning chat with her puppies 
Alice 61 Jane vom Slaney-Vale pointing nicely at 6 weeks old 
Alice 62 Jillian vom Slaney-Vale 
Alice 63 Jane at 8 weeks old 
Alice Sept 2015 
Mike vom Slaney-Vale 
Mike vom Slaney-Vale 
Alice pointing 7 years old 
Francis, Alice's son Christmas 2017 
Alice 50 Francis Dec 2017