Des vom Slaney-Vale

I am proud to have planned this breeding that produced Des.  He is an energetic, sensible, cooperative, temperamentally sound, versatile talented and naturally Healthy young male.  He is what he is by genetics, not by forced training.  Having brought him along from birth to full breed certification, I can say without reservation,  that he is a very fine Breed Representative.  His VJP score is 67 points at 8 months old in Watertown. His HZP score is 182 points at 14 months old in Iowa:  He successfully passed his VGP.   His Breed Show is Form 10, Coat 11.   He is HD Free A: OCD and ED clear.  His size is 62 cm /63 cm.   His coat has gotten progressively Harder and more dense.  He can take training and is not a hard dog to work with. He has been bred three times and these litters are quite consistent with real nice attitudes and excellent health.   

Des vom Slaney-Vale 
01 His first day of life 
02 At peace with the world 
03 His third week of life 
04 Three weeks old. Sleeping on my T shirt. Scent imprinting. 
05 Easy to see where a beautiful temperament comes from. 
06 His continued socializing one month old 
07 Pointing genetics at work 5 weeks old 
08 What's this my friend? 
09 Delivering the flyers. 2 months old. 
10 Early blood tracking introduction 
11 Freshly killed Jackrabbit Scent imprinting 
12 No fear of the Fox 
13 Strong pointing continuing at 3 months old 
14 Grouse woods retrieving 3 months old 
15 Early water love 
16 Just taking water in stride at 3 months old 
17 No missed opportunity to bond with me 
18 His first "pup sized" freshly killed game bird 
19 Pointing Grey Partridge 4 months old 
20 Four months old: Connecting with me during his search 
21 Boss those birds are right here 
22 and now they're moving 
23 Rabbit tracking 5 months old 
24 Beautiful Grouse Point 5 months old 
25 A beautiful find and point on a huge covey of Grey Partridge at Just over 5 months old 
26 In love with winter 6 months old 
27 At 6 months old his search is very nice and he loves to track Jackrabbits 
28 Getting his adult look Feb 19 2012 
29 March 11, 2012 in relax mode before his daily field work 
30 March 11, 2012 Just past 7 months old during his morning field exercises 
31 Des showing his natural water love at 7 months old 
32 Des checking out some Canada geese 7 months old 
33 The natural water love just continues to develop 
34 trying his Goose herding skills: 7 months old and loving the water 
35 At 8 months old, his water enthusiasm is heart warming. He never misses duck scent or the opportunity to dive in. 
36 Myself and Des on his VJP day. Despite his youth (still in his 8th month), he gave a wonderful account of himself. His 67 point evalutaion was both well judged and well deserved. 
37 Des now in his 9th month 
38 Des vom Slaney-Vale and Alice vom Slaney-Vale 
39 Absorbing his retrieving lessons very well. He is being a very cooperative student. 
40 Des, Set up for Water entry, 10 months old 
41 Des, Ready for Launch, 10 months old 
42 Des, Water here I come, 10 Months old 
43 Des, Water Entry, 10 months old 
44 Des, Water Entry, 10 months old 
45 Des, Water Entry, 10 Months old 
46 Des, Water Entry, 10 Months old 
47 Des, Not only birds can fly, 10 Months old 
48 Des, Here I come Duck, 10 Months old 
49 Des, Touchdown, 10 Months old 
50 Des and I, enjoying the peace and enjoyment of water time together 
51 Des continuing his retrieve lessons: Learning to handle increasing weight prior to the next stage with Game 
52 Cooperating beautifully, as is his nature. After having been brought gently and without undue pressure, he is now finding the joy of the Rabbit retrieve. Soft mouth, mannerly retrieve. 10 months old. 
53 Now 11 months old. Here's how he looks. Acting very much like a teenager some times but still a pleasure to be around. 
54 His first Canada Goose retrieve work 
55 His proud moment of accomplishment at Guss, Iowa: Oct 7, 2012: HZP 182 points. In the photo: my daughter Kyla, myself, my grandson Kendal, Judges, Al Asherin, Ted Hardebeck and Mike Avery. Des vom Slaney-Vale sitting proudly in the front. 
56 My Grandson Kendal and Des at the finish of the HZP in Iowa: Kendal has helped with every aspect of Des's development: I hope every Grandpa can be so fortunate. 
57 14 months old: Continuing his socialization skills and obedience amid distractions 
58 Here he is with Kendal after some great search, point and retrieve work on a Grouse. 15 months old. 
59 Des vom Slaney-Vale 16 months old 
60 Des family interraction. He is among the very best "complete males" that I've had the pleasure to be partnered with 
61 Des at 17 months old. He has a wonderful quality nose and sound pointing abilities. 
62 Des at 18 months old. Extremely nice temperament and highly cooperative. 
63 Breed Show Eau Claire, WI In the photo Judge Nancy Bohs, Hugh, Judges Mike Talbot and Blaine Eickelschulte, Kendal and Des (Form 10/Hair 11) 
64 Des vom Slaney-Vale (Breed Show) 
66 Des vom Slaney-Vale Breed Show 
67 Des vom Slaney-Vale 2 yrs old 
68 Pointing form at 3 years old 
69 Des the family dog 
69 Des the family dog 
Kevin vom Slaney-Vale (Des' son) 
06A Des at Six years old A truly wonderful temperament