I Litter

Toske vom Oechtringer-Forst(Toska), selectively bred to Des vom Slaney-Vale (Des), has produced this very fine litter of Deutsch Drahthaars. Born in the early morning hours of April 1, 2014. This is a repeat breeding of my H litter.

01 Dam: Toske vom Oechtringer-Forst: a truly wonderful Deutsch Drahthaar 
02 Sire: Des vom Slaney-Vale 
03 First day of life: Toska is a proud mom 
04 One day old 
05 Socializing through gentle handling 
06 Two amigos at 1 week old 
07 One week old Always hungry=Healthy growth 
08 One Full week of life reached and looking good 
I Litter 
09 Ten days old: growing exceptionally well: everything very positive. 
10 Fifteen days old: note the growth and hair difference compared with the third photo, which was day One 
11 Fifteen days old: very active: very social: very handsome 
12 Isadore vom Slaney-Vale 17 days old Developing beautifully 
13 The Love Continues at 3 Weeks old 
14 I Litter puppy now close to 4 weeks old 
15 I litter male puppy enjoying the beautiful sunshine 4 weeks old today 
16 I Litter showing that beautiful look of health and intelligence 
17 Chow time just a little less than 6 weeks old now 
18 Guys, that was good 
19 Just wondering if I could have a little more 
20 What was that smell? 
21 Hey guys, wait for me. 
22 At 2 days less than 6 weeks old, this puppy already shows the signs of elegance 
23 Isabel at 6 weeks old 
24 Isadore at 6 weeks 
25 Isaac at 6 weeks old 
26 Ian 6 weeks old 
27 Ignatius at 6 weeks old 
28 Imelda at 6 weeks old 
29 Isabel at 6 weeks old 
30 Ignatius 
31 Pointing 7 weeks old 
32 Isabel retrieving quail 
33 Ignatius vom Slaney-Vale at 8 weeks old 
34 Isadore at 8 weeks old 
35 Isabel 8 weeks old 
36 Imelda with her new family in Quebec 
37 Isaac at home with his new family in Saskatchewan 
38 Imelda vom Slaney-Vale showing her family in Quebec what a good girl she is