Heather vom Slaney-Vale

Heather was born May 30, 2013.   She is the product of my long range breeding plan to combine outstanding individuals of chosen pedigrees which have been known since puppyhood and which have no evidence of temperament or health defects,  plus,  have been of talent which does not take a professional to harness.  I strongly emphasize a high natural desire to track,  and Heather is one of the best that I've had the privilege to work with:  in that regard she is out of the same type as her mother Toske vom Oechtringer-Forst and her Dad,  Des vom Slaney-Vale.   In her first full hunting season Heather performed in a truly admirable fashion:  her pointing work on Woodcock,  Sharptails and Ruffed Grouse developed extremely quickly:   her retrieving has been flawless.  She has solidly performed on her water work and is a tireless searcher. Her winter work on Jack Rabbits is wonderful: she loves it and really knows the game. Each of her Hunting seasons have been a true joy.  In her VJP test she scored 70 with an 11 in tracking:  the senior judge commented,"...this is a very strong tracking dog".    In her HZP she scored 185 with an 11 in pointing and 11 in Live Duck Search:  everything she did was in a calm manner. Her health has been excellent:  she is HD-A:  OCD and ED clear:  vWD11 free by parentage:   Her breed show in Eau Claire was March 7, 2015:   Judges awarded her 10 in Form and 11 in Hair.   Heather has a very dense undercoat and much hardness in her outer coat.    She is a pleasure to be around.    She completed her VGP in Sept 2015 with a Prize 1 310 Score.    Her puppies exhibit her goodness to a very high degree.  Her full Brother Kris vom Slaney-Vale,  owned in South Dakota,  is also certified for breeding and is a carbon copy of Heather:  an exceptional male in every respect.   Her daughter Nora vom Slaney-Vale,  is now certified for breeding,   and has become part of my Breeding Program:  Nora is as good as they come:  she is calm, friendly, easy to train,  and retains what she learns:  he was rated as 11/11 in her form and hair:  she was HZP tested twice:  175 points and 182 points:  at her VGP in Wisconsin she was awarded 300 Points Prize 1 with a 4H in Use of Nose:  she was pointing Woodcock when she was 5 months old:  she has had her time in the duck blind:  her hunting abilities are not only used  in testing,  

011 Heather at two years old 
Snow Queen 
Leonard vom Slaney-Vale 
Lena vom Slaney-Vale 
Lucy vom Slaney-Vale 
Lonnie vom Slaney-Vale 
Leonard vom Slaney-Vale 
Lena vom Slaney-Vale 11 weeks old 
Larry vom Slaney-Vale 
Lucy vom Slaney Vale  
Lou vom Slaney-Vale 
Larry vom Slaney-Vale at 13 weeks old 
Levi, Leonard and Lena April Training day Minnesota 
012 Heather vom Slaney-Vale 
Leonard and Chris Dec 2016 
Larry vom Slaney-Vale at 11 months old 
Lena vom Slaney-Vale at 11 months old 
Lucy at 1 year old 
094 One year later 
021 Heather pointing as an adult 
051 Heather and Kendal rabbit hunting 
096 Heather and Kendal woodcock hunting 
095 Heather and Kendal Sharptail Hunting: Her first season 
Larry on a cooperative pheasant retrieve 
01 Heather Her Pack The H litter 
02 Heather at 6 weeks old 
03 Heather 7 weeks old  
03A Heather 8 months old 
04 Heather 9 weeks old Her first real scent point 
05 Heather 9 weeks old handling her first rabbit find 
06 Heather 10 weeks old enjoying water on a hot day 
07 Heather 11 weeks old learning the joy and partnership of tracking 
08 Heather 11 weeks old showing strong predatorial drive 
09 Heather advancing her love of water 
091 Heather 11 weeks old Quail Pointing 
092 Heather showing nice intensity at a young age 
061 Water love increasing 
093 Learning the calm hold of a fresh shot duck 
081 Raccoon retrieve at her VGP 
N Litter puppies 
N Litter Heather and some of her puppies 
L litter at the VJP 2017 
Lou vom Slaney-Vale 1 year old VJP 78 Points 
Larry vom Slaney-Vale 
Leonard June 2017 
Nora vom Slaney-Vale 
Lucy 2017 
Nora June 29 Water love 
Nora at 4 months old 
Nora pointing Quail at 4 months old 
Lena vom Slaney-Vale Aug 2017 
Nora at 5.5 months old 
Lena Oct 2017 
Heather Pointing Woodcock Oct 22 2017 
Heather delivering Woodcock to Kendal Oct 2017 
Nora at 10 months old 
Nora at 10 months old 
Odile vom Slaney-Vale 
Nora Breed Show 11/11 
013 Heather's full brother Kris 
Penny vom Slaney-Vale 
VC Lena and Joe