Mike was born May 13, 2016:    his mother Alice vom Slaney-Vale,  is an exceptional individual:   His father Yukon vom Kattensohl is a very nice male.   Mike is showing exceptional versatile abilities as a puppy:  his live tracking is exceptional:  blood tracking is very dedicated:  pointing is strong:  water love is quite natural:  his search is thorough and cooperative:  Physically,  he has a large bone structure and at 10 months old he is approx 66 cm:   mentally he is a calm individual around humans and other dogs:  overall,  he looks like a good one.

Mike retrieving a dragged rabbit at 8 weeks old 
Mike water intro 
Mike 10 weeks old Field exposure 
Mike continuing with water associations 
Mike at 9 weeks old 
Mike pointing at 7 weeks old 
Mike vom Slaney-Vale 
Mike Aug 1 2016 Field association 
Mike Water joy 
Mike blood tracking at 12 weeks old 
Mike pointing at 12 weeks old 
Mike enjoying an early morning search of a prairie field 
Mike at 15 weeks old: he is an excellent natural swimmer 
Mike 16 weeks old: live rabbit track over 400 meters and retrieve 
Mike at 5 months old 
Mike Pointing Sharptails 6 months old 
Mike at 8 months old 
Mike at 9 months old 
Mike 9 months old 
Mike showing his predatorial drive as a puppy 
Mike as the constant companion 
Mike's mother Alice vom Slaney-Vale 
Mike's grandmother Frida vom Erthal 
Mike's great grandmother Aike vom Erthal 
Mike's mother Alice (left) and Grandmother Erna (right) 
Mike at his VJP in ND 73 points 
Mike pointing Bernard backing Oct 2017 
Mike and Bernard grouse hunting Oct 2017 
Mike Grouse Point Oct 2017 
Mike Pheasant hunting in Montana 2017